Tom Recommends

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Occasionally, in all the stuff I use, I find something that I really like. So why not tell people about it?

Polycell Crack Free Ceilings is great. It’s thick, gloopy paint that hides a multitude of sins and not just on ceilings. It’s expensive, but combined with a little lightweight filler the time it saves is well worth it. As an aside though, this doesn’t mean that I recommend all the Polycell miracle solutions, some of which I’ve found not to work for me.

Dawn Simulator Alarm Clocks – any of them really – I happen to have the Lumie Bodyclock Starter 30. I’m not a SAD sufferer, but nonetheless I find that not being suddenly jolted awake makes me far more alert and puts me in a far better mood in the morning.

Ultrafire WF-606a – a pocket size LED torch, runs on 2 AA size batteries. It’s very bright and very rugged. A thoroughly sound piece of kit, far better in my opinion than the equivalent MagLite and much cheaper, too.