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On March 24th 2020, the UK went into lockdown to try to stop the spread of COVID-19. I said I’d post a picture of one of my cats every day until the lockdown was over. This is the archive.

May 30 “Teddy has always been interested in the mystic arts. Here he is attempting telekinesis”.
May 29 “It’s the last Friday of #dailylockdowncatpictureservice, so I think we deserve a proper kitten picture.”
May 28 “This is Tonks, attempting camouflage by sitting in a plant pot pretending to be flower.”
May 27 “When we refitted the utility room, we temporarily had to move the cat food. Teddy noticed.”
May 26 “Turn your back for a few seconds, during or after cooking, and you’ll find Tonks asleep on the oven glove.”
May 25 “Two years ago today, when Teddy proved the saying “no sense, no feeling”!! Silly boy managed to herniate his intestines… and not notice!! 😮 We would love to say he’s become more sensible since then….”
May 23 “Here Tonks is trying to look innocent, pretending she’s not using our satellite dish to communicate with her alien commanders. “
May 22 “For reasons unknown, Teddy likes draping his front paws off things. “