Talk to Our Resellers: It’s Not Good Enough

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Me: So what sort of order of magnitude are we looking at for pricing?
Exhibitors: Oh well I see you’re British I can put you in contact with our reseller in London…

This is just not good enough for any business that thinks itself truly international. I didn’t ask for a quote I asked for the order of magnitude, something roughly in the area. If a company can’t provide any idea then there’s something very wrong…

  1. It implies that the company has no direct presence in the UK, the further implication being that UK is not a core region hence support will be lacking and any UK specific portions of the product will be poorly maintained or just plain poor fullstop.
  2. It implies geographical pricing. Today’s business is global, I can and have bought COTS software from other regions. This business model doesn’t work, get over it.
  3. When a quick Google of the resellers also fails to reveal pricing one wonders if the product is actually available boxed, or whether it always comes with a cheesy sales drone and a whack of “consultancy” or “project management” attached. Further, there is an implication that without value added services it won’t actually work.
  4. Nobody likes talking to cheesy sales drones, not even IT Professionals.

So this is how it should go :-
Me:  So what sort of order of magnitude are we looking at for pricing?
Exhibitor: Err, well,  in the USA we either licence per device at $5pa each or you can buy a server licence for $2000pa. Obviously there will be some regional variation in the UK but they’re the sorts of figures you’ll be looking at. We have a number of partners in the UK, some just ship boxes but if you really want to get the most out of our software I’d recommend talking to blah… blah…