Ipswich Town Centre Blues

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Ipswich isn’t the wealthiest large town in the UK but it’s certainly not in line for any EU deprivation grants. It does pretty well, yet there seem to be rather lot of empty shops in the town centre. It’s something I’ve particularly noticed since moving back to Suffolk (from Hull) 3 years ago.

So on a recent visit I thought I’d snap every empty shop I saw. I wasn’t prepared for just how many there were though!

Sure, I know that the effects that The Internet, out of town superstores and the remaining fallout from the global banking crisis have had on all town centres but some are faring better than others. Ipswich seems particularly bad.

IMG_20150523_105752 IMG_20150523_105721
IMG_20150523_105906 IMG_20150523_110034
IMG_20150523_110510 IMG_20150523_110217
IMG_20150523_110357 IMG_20150523_110130
IMG_20150523_110550 IMG_20150523_110620
IMG_20150523_110805 IMG_20150523_110827
IMG_20150523_111116 IMG_20150523_111054
IMG_20150523_111016 IMG_20150523_110910
IMG_20150523_111205 IMG_20150523_111241
IMG_20150523_111251 IMG_20150523_111314
IMG_20150523_111613 IMG_20150523_111500
IMG_20150523_111438 IMG_20150523_111357
IMG_20150523_111623 IMG_20150523_111637
IMG_20150523_111645 IMG_20150523_111655
IMG_20150523_111849 IMG_20150523_111829
IMG_20150523_111814 IMG_20150523_111751
IMG_20150523_111930 IMG_20150523_111947
IMG_20150523_112214 IMG_20150523_112337
IMG_20150523_112749 IMG_20150523_112723
IMG_20150523_112659 IMG_20150523_112624
IMG_20150523_112924 IMG_20150523_113103
IMG_20150523_113232 IMG_20150523_113300
IMG_20150523_113805 IMG_20150523_113734
IMG_20150523_113730 IMG_20150523_113341
IMG_20150523_113810 IMG_20150523_113822
IMG_20150523_113857 IMG_20150523_113923
IMG_20150523_114043 IMG_20150523_114033
IMG_20150523_113955 IMG_20150523_113940
IMG_20150523_114121 IMG_20150523_114126
IMG_20150523_115220 IMG_20150523_115227