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On March 24th 2020, the UK went into lockdown to try to stop the spread of COVID-19. I said I’d post a picture of one of my cats every day until the lockdown was over. This is the archive.

May 21 “In today’s #dailylockdowncatpictureservice a young Tonks mews that it’s not just Ozric Tentacles who think the floor’s too far away.”
May 20 “Teddy has two great passions in life. Here he is, fully committing to one of them.”
May 19 “Occasionally, just very occasionally, Tonks does something daft. And very cute.”
May 18 “Ted is armed and ready: he is not going to take this Monday business lying down!”
May 17 “This is Teddy’s idea of a pre-emptive strike; occupying the washing basket before there’s any washing in it!”
May 16 “It’s Eurovision substitute night tonight. Two years ago the Wegs got right into the spirit! “
May 14 “One of the issues with such huge balls of floof: turn your back to 5 minutes and the entire house is coated in (shed) fur! “
May 13 “Ted hunts his prey, staying low so the food bowl won’t see him…”
May 12 “‘Are you the owner of the big, fluffy tabby cat?’ a neighbour asked me at the weekend…