About Tom

Tom Fosdick is a software architect whose experience ranges from low level coding through to product management, delivery and customer relationships.

For nearly 20 years Tom has specialised in providing advanced technology to front line Emergency Services both in the UK and internationally.

Tom is currently employed by a major international brand as the technical authority for UK control room software development.

Previously Tom was a key player in developing Seed Software from a small project at The University of Hull to a significant provider of technology to the Emergency Services.

At Seed, Tom was the architect of Seed’s flagship BRIGID Command and Control product. His leadership took the project from a small prototype to becoming the primary call and incident management system for 3 of Britain’s Fire and Rescue Services.

Prior to that, Tom has been involved with numerous projects for the emergency services, ranging from in-vehicle embedded systems through to GIS, visualisation and SIS.

Tom works primarily at his home in rural Suffolk, but also at other locations both nationally and internationally. “The technology is there today to make my physical location largely irrelevant” he explains, “my team and I can work together and the systems I need are there at the touch of a button anywhere in the world.”

When not sat in front of the computer, Tom is difficult to keep still.

He can often be found out and about: in the Suffolk countryside on a bike or in “Mina“, his beloved MX-5; at any number of motor sport events; supporting his local pub or in the workshop making “something real, something I can actually touch”.


Tom can be contacted about professional matters, including enquiries about consultancy, beneath.

Tom can also be found on most social networks including Facebook, , LinkedIn and Twitter.