The Waterproof Quandary

Reading Time: < 1 minute

To waterproof or not to waterproof, that is the question. Will I get wetter from the inside than the rain could ever make me and what’s the problem with getting wet anyway? Last time I checked I was waterproof.
Usually in the UK getting wet is a problem only because you get cold but on warm still days like this that won’t happen. Putting your phone and wallet in a waterproof pouch and just getting soaked is a serious option.
Today I went for the waterproof jacket only which proved the right decision, the heavens opened when I was in the middle of nowhere and trying to dry out on the 09:43 to London could have been awkward.

PS – I then decided that as it was London I wouldn’t need the waterproof as I could always nip into somewhere under cover, got caught in an open space and got completely soaked.