SSD Drives are a Total No-Brainer

Reading Time: < 1 minute

When it comes to hardware, technical staff can badger a business senseless. Every member of technical staff claims that they could do their job so much better if they just had this upgrade or that gizmo. Without spending hours reading all the latest hardware blogs, determining what would actually be useful investment in their productivity is next to impossible.

SSD drives are a no-brainer though. The biggest bottleneck in PCs today is the hard disk, clunky, mechanical things that lose an awful lot of time whilst the heads are whizzing back and forth across the platters.
At the time of writing a 64Gb SSD Drive is about £100. I bought one more out of curiosity than anything else and slung it in my ancient 3.0GHz P4.

This video shows it loading Windows XP, logging in, then starting Word and Chrome at the same time.
I then type some rubbish in Word, navigate to Facebook and shut the PC down. The difference an SSD Drive makes is mind-bending. I’m not saying that you should replace existing hard disks with SSD drives, just slap one in with the operating system and apps on and use the old (likely much larger capacity) drive for data. That’s good business sense.