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Tom Fosdick is a software architect whose experience ranges from low level coding through to product management, delivery and customer relationships. For nearly 20 years Tom has specialised in providing advanced technology to front line Emergency Services both in the UK and internationally.

May 26 “Turn your back for a few seconds, during or after cooking, and you’ll find Tonks asleep on the oven glove.”
May 25 “Two years ago today, when Teddy proved the saying “no sense, no feeling”!! Silly boy managed to herniate his intestines… and not notice!! 😮 We would love to say he’s become more sensible since then….”
May 23 “Here Tonks is trying to look innocent, pretending she’s not using our satellite dish to communicate with her alien commanders. “
May 22 “For reasons unknown, Teddy likes draping his front paws off things. “
May 21 “In today’s #dailylockdowncatpictureservice a young Tonks mews that it’s not just Ozric Tentacles who think the floor’s too far away.”
May 20 “Teddy has two great passions in life. Here he is, fully committing to one of them.”
May 19 “Occasionally, just very occasionally, Tonks does something daft. And very cute.”
May 18 “Ted is armed and ready: he is not going to take this Monday business lying down!”
May 17 “This is Teddy’s idea of a pre-emptive strike; occupying the washing basket before there’s any washing in it!”